Friday, November 20, 2009

To You.

Long time din update my blog le... not i dun wan 2 update is because i dunno wat can i write, if i write something is cannot see by other people than in the end sure a lot of trouble but keep in heart really torture me... ahhhh somebody tell me wat can i do...
Already november le... a lot of things happen in my life... before tat i meet a girl... name Carol Chin.
At first we start comment each other on facebook. First sight to me is how can i say ah, display picture quite good(normal display pic lie 1). Seeing other pic of her and discover tat omg wtf.... but in the end i choose to chat with her coz i feel tat very comfortable when we chatting each other. We meet not more than 1 week and seeing each other not more than 10 times and suddenly we in-relationship le... To me i say 2 myself; haha finally i single le 3 years at last got gf can care me le...
Oh the worst nightmare is starting my life. Normally a new couple should be so sweet and romantic... but we like a flash like tat. too fast... very fast... how 2 explain ah, starting is go for pak tuo le, and hold hand hand le, and wat wat but not until on the bed la. i still remenber 1 night, tat time we already 1 week le(i think so), she suddenly say we break bah. My GOD wat is happening, dunno wat wrong, feel like sudden death 2 me. so the next day i was post tis kind of madness and crazy things in facebook and because of tis things we quarrel... funny tat after 1 day tat we quarrel suddenly say we 2gether again. To me i feel tat i was playing by tis gal. so, i tell myself, ok i give u last chance if still playing tis game i quit... ok... things nvm change, keep quarrel, keep breaking, keep forgive her. Finally at last we break. But still she dosent give up. OMG i hate tis part, i telling her a lot time we cant 2gether anymore coz we not suitable 2 each other. Y u still so stubborn! we IMPOSIBLE ok!
If u reading tis blog, ok i tell u 1 more things. I still loving my "target". I still love her so much, not the first love(carrie), u wont know who she is. She also dunno i love her. If u wan 2 know y i still love u can read previous blog la. I always write about her and until now she bf also i still love her. Sorry if i hurt but u make me no choice.
Ok stop saying her again. make me no mood. Rite now my life quite good also, back 2 my father there helping him. Single still freedom but sometimes feel lonely haha nth change.
To my target:
i still love u. still miss u. I really regret i din tell u early. Tat time i was so stupid, tat time got 2 person chasing u, and i thought i maybe will fall out coz tat 2 person is my best fren but i cant imagine tat they hurt u so bad. Before tat i drunk in maison de last time we went because i saw sad things, u keep holding him. After u come back from long trip, i was wiling 2 tell u wat i felt on u but it was too late coz u have new BF. For now, as long as he treat u good and happy, i wont do anything dun worry coz i dun wan u fall in unhappy stage again. Just to say I still love u so much and these words i think rite now is my last chance 2 tell u. Take care. Love u.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Update 2

octupus octupus... fren 4ever haha...

sexy lady haha very enjoy clubbing tat time at maison.. haha^^

tis pic make me upgrade from pig 2 panda... and summore is kung fu panda.. haha knew octupus will laughing when see tis pic....

wei faster la, ppl wan 2 cross la....

i tell u, beer is my favorite drink... "Cheers My Frens" haha ^^

did i look like "Energizer"??!!!


Tis pic capture from genting when me,des and shui yuan go genting. I miss tat time so much.

Upload until here 1st... i will be back hehe^^

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just update

Let me intro: "The Superman Group" starring Desmond Wong and Liam Yap hahaha^^

My Grandma, "Grandma I love U"

My old and best friends in my life, dun think too much oh, just brother and sister between me and her oh hehe^^

tis 1 is capture at the mall when i working and no cus tat time... nth 2 do just take pic hehe^^

tis pic is capture from neway at leisure mall... tat time only three person at BIG room haha^^

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bowie survey...

001. Real Name : Liam Yap Tzu Wern
002. Nickname(s) :liam liam(in hokkien call stick), susu liam liam...
003. Age : 22'09
004. Zodiac Sign : Cancer
005. Male or Female : Male
006. Elementary : Forget liao
007. Middle School: S.R.J.K(c)Tsun JIN
008. High School : S.M.K Datok Lokman
009. College School : NIL
010. Hair colour : Black... wan 2 change but cannot
011. Long or Short : Short~~~
012. Loud or Quiet : Both~~sometime sometime...
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans..
014. Phone or Camera : Phone
015. Health Freak : I think NO....^^
016. Drink or Smoke : Social Smoke and drink..
017. Do you have a crush on someone : hehe^^
018. Eat or Drink : Both...^^
019. Piercings : None coz scare pain hehe^^
020. Tattoos : Nope..
021. Social or Anti-Social: Cannot tell... u wan me die meh!!!
022. First Piercing : 5 years old... dun wan say la... scare scare...
023. First Relationship : 17 years old... miss my 1st love....
024. First Best Friend : 5 years old also.. tat time i got 1 very best fren but now lost contact...
025. First Award : NIL
026. First Kiss : Which 1st kiss??? in-relantion ship or wat??
027. First Pet : long time ago loh...
028. First Big Vacation : forget liao...
029. First Love at first sight: wah.. tis question.....
030. First Big Birthday : 21 years old.. drunk like hell wahahaha


049. Eating : Chicken rice...
050. Drink : chinese tea
051. Excitement Level : soso
052. I’m about to : think how 2 answer tis type of question leh...
053. Listening to : ppl walking sound loh
054. Plan for today : plan tonite go where loh...
055. Waiting for : my work finish...
056. Energy Level : almost dying...
057. Thinking of someone: secret la....
058. Want kids? : havent get ready..
059. Want to get married?: of course wan but not now
060. Careers in mind? : wan 2 set up a new hp shop by myself....

Which is better in the boy/girl you like

068. Lips or Eyes? : eyes...
069. Romantic or Funny? : Romantic...
070. Shorter or Taller? : same as me or short little bit than me loh...
071. Protective or Caring? : caring i choose
072. Romantic or Spontaneous? : Depends...
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: huh???
074. Sensitive or Loud? : hopefully dun wan tis 2 things la
075. Hook-up or Relationship? : Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? : DUN WAN PLS....

Have you ever

080. Lost glasses or contacts : glasses... very funny 1 i lost
081. Ran away from home : always de la...
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: NIL
083. Killed somebody : Sure no...dun scare me..
084. Broken someone’s heart : sometimes i think
085. Been arrested : no la of course
087. Cried when someone died : Sure..

Do you believe in

089. Yourself : Yes!
090. Miracles : YES!i believe...
091. Love at first sight: Ya..
092. Heaven : after i leave,hope to go...
093. Santa Claus : he din give any present for me when christmas!
094. Tooth Fairy : wat is tat???
095. Kiss in the first date: huh???


097. Is there someone you would want to be with right now? : her... if can be 2gether
098. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now? :not really actually
099. Do you believe in God? : Ya...
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people: Desmond, arthur, nick, shui yuan, bowie, jin, tallen, keen khai, ah yap, jenny....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tell her or waiting......

should i wait her or tell her wat i feel rite now??? every time i with her always hear tat she dun wan get into relationship 1st... I so worry tat another guy chase her again. Before tat I hear tat she got feel with another guy, my heart almost broke liao tat time... i wan 2 tell her but i dunno how 2 tell her. ahhh.... pls teach me wat I suppose 2 do...???

Monday, December 22, 2008

Decision Already Make............

23 December 2008 12.53a.m
At last i decide to resign from Ultimate Copier. Maybe Peter was right, if got plan go ahead. If say wan 2 skip those reason than need to stay until try the best until think tat still cannot than change. Peter, thanks for everything u teach tis few month. If u not so friendly maybe i cant learn a lot of things in Ultimate. Really thank u my friend. To all my friends from Ultimate Copier if u all reading this blog, i would like to say thank u to u all that teach me a lot of things and i really have a great day with u all. Sorry tat if i done something wrong make u all unhappy or misunderstanding. If i got time i will find u all and i will remember u all.
So, decide already. need to work until 31st December than 1st January i will work at Sg.Wang. At last i go back to my dream working place. Hopefully i can shout and say "I'm Back, Sg Wang!!!". hahaha feel like i'm idiot right? maybe.... but anyway thanks GOD that brings me back there to work. There's the place i so happy a lot. BBS... i wondering i din choose wrong decision. Pray tat everything will be OK.
Right now just think how is my "Prospect" right now? how are u? how is your life? Is tat i can help u ma? maybe u wont ask me that question because beside u got a lot of guy helping u. Hopefully happy everyday. Actually i got a lot a lot of things wan 2 tell u but seem that not dare to tell u. Sometimes i wondering did i need to tell you this kind of things. When i see you i hope can find a chance that tell you what i wan 2 tell u but sometimes cant find it. Worry when i speak it out, our relationship will end here or maybe wont so good from now. Remember i ask u the question when we having dinner at KLCC? Maybe u already give the answer but tat time i dunno wat u means but now i know, maybe to u will feel boring because u know me a lot. I dunno how 2 say, to me, i waiting so long just wan to tell u tat i fell in u. As long as u happy with ur status right now maybe i wont disturb u. The important is u happy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


11/12/2008 Night
I already work at Ultimate Copier almost three month fast three month already pass but i cant use to it. until now dun know wat i suppose to do. ask myself y my sales always between 1-2. Cant go to three or even ten machine. did i miss somethings? y other ppls can do until sales very good but not me? did i not good enough? did i say something wrong when i talking to customer? but when i go back do mobile phone part time last week in BB plaza, i feel i can find myself there. i know wat i suppose to say, wat to do, wat i must say or wat i not suppose to say. i thought when my sales in mobile market is good so i go anywhere also no need to worry but proven wrong... I'm now in trouble stage... cant cover my whole month outgoing expenses. ahhahhh very headache. Should resign rite now? or i should stay? i need money rite now but i dun wan waste my long time in counter. haiz.... i know tis world dun have such tis things de. i need to face the truth tat if i wan money i need to sacrifice my time but if i wan freedom i need to sacrifice my money. help somebody help me ah..... wat should i do? wat should i do next steps? wat can i do?